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YIRCoF ’18 - "Celebrating FUTURES at 50"

Yeditepe International Research Conference on Foresight and Futures

İstanbul, June 27 - 29, 2018

"Anticipation: Conceptual, Theoretical and Empirical Issues"












Call for Papers and Participation


We invite academic researchers, company managers and public policy makers to participate in and contribute to this conference to discuss the following questions:

  1. What is the role of anticipation in strategic planning?

  2. How can companies understand and manage complexity, chaos, and change by using futures studies?

  3. How does the quality of anticipation increase? Does the quality of anticipations increase when the accuracy of knowledge we gather and methods we use increase? That is, does knowledge affect imagination? How can knowledge management be better integrated with futures research?

  4. What is the role of anticipation and insights on critical issues and trends, drivers of change, wild cards, discontinuities, and weak signals in decision making activity such as investment decisions of the companies?

  5. How can we determine the anticipations of companies from geo-political, energy, technological, economical, and social perspectives to build futures scenarios?

  6. How does anticipation in communication issues affect new product development, marketing strategies, decisions regarding change of organizational form, strategy and vision, organizational success or failure, different thinking styles and proactive behavior?

  7. How is it possible to improve our ability of anticipation? How can we anticipate successfully (from anticipation to invention)? How can we provide a better link between futures studies and R&D efforts of organizations?

  8. Do we anticipate others’ actions? What factors affect our anticipations of events and others' actions?

  9. What is the effect of learning on anticipation?

10.  What kind of new research techniques might be used for studying anticipation?



Invited Speakers

Ted Fuller

Editor-in-Chief, FUTURES

Roberto Poli

UNESCO Chair in Anticipatory Systems

University of Trento, Italy


Symposium Venue


Titanic Port Bakırköy




Important Deadlines

15 April 2018: Extended Abstract Submission

30 April 2018: Notification of Manuscript Acceptance

Send your abstract to



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