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Yeditepe International Research Conference on Business Strategies

June 13 - 15, 2012, Istanbul

"Issues of Economics and Management in Health Care System"


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Conference Venue


June 12   June 13    June 14    June 15

Pre-Conference Workshop

Implementation of Case-mix/DRG System (UNU-CBG)

for Health Financing Programme


Prof. Dr. Syed Aljunid, Dr. Saad Al-azawi

United Nations University

International Institute for Global Health


June 12, 2012

14:00 - 18:00

regular 60 €

        registered conference participants 35 €

Workshop Objectives

At the end of the Workshop, participants should be able to

- Understand the concept of Case-mix/DRG System.

- Appreciate the role of Case-mix/DRG System in enhancing quality and efficiency of healthcare services.

- Design the basic minimum data set package for Case-mix System Implementation.

- Have basic knowledge on the use of UNU-CBG Case-mix Grouper.

Workshop Contents:

· Case-Mix System: An Overview.

· Minimum Data Set for Case mix System.

· Software in Case-mix System (UNU-CBG).

· Roadmap for Implementation of Case-mix System for National Health Insurance Programme.

Target Audience:

  • Health and Hospital Managers

  • Health Planners

  • Hospital Financial Managers

  • Quality Assurance Managers

  • Health Insurance Managers

  • Hospital IT Managers

  • Medical Record Officers

  • Doctors and Medical Specialists

  • Pharmacists

  • Nurses

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21:00 - 23:00