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Yeditepe International Research Conference on Business Strategies

June 9 - 11, 2010, Istanbul




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Individuals from academic and business worlds came together to discuss and communicate on challenging issues related to strategy, risk and crisis in finance&accounting, general management, marketing, organizational behavior and production&operations within the historic and mystic environment of

Istanbul, 2010 European Capital of Culture   


Sunset in Istanbul

Individuals participating in the conference did

- learn about political aspects of energy generation projects in Europe and the future of new projects.

- learn possible risk factors on exploration and production projects in petroleum industry.

- learn how to avoid crisis by using chaos theory.

- learn how to increase the quality or dependability to improve customer satisfaction with stategic choices for information service companies.

- be able to clarify the factors impacting contribution of independent non-executive directors to corporate strategy creation.

- learn the effects of organizational culture on employee productivity.

- be able to investigate the power of corporate strategy on the asset structure and the real estate portfolio.

- be able to analyze the ethical value changes of business students in an era of financial crisis.

- learn the relationships between cultural value, religiosity, personal value and sales promotion techniques.

- be able to analyze the importance of competitive advantage, competition styles and strategies in competition.

- see economic crisis change on consumer behaviour and how to get advantage from this change by segmentation.

- see the design of marketing in turbulent times.

- learn the best practices of Strategic Planning.

- be informed about Turkish and CEE Banks and their actions during Global Financial Crisis.

- learn how to implement a new strategic model to your assets and risk management operations.

- learn the country risks, its factors and Foreign Direct Investment.

- learn the generation gap between employees and organization commitment.

- learn risk diversification in the procurement stage.

- learn how to make your organization much more closer to be learning organization.

- be able to see how to think strategically and how to apply the strategies to your organization’s planning system.

- learn the basics of intenational financial reporting standards like return on sales and return on asset tests.

- analyze the work places in terms of safety or risk approaches.

- see the innovation in service sectors to increase market share and profits.

- see the passive investment strategy type on the Turkish Equity Market.

- analyze problems in the banking sector and scientific solutions to these problems.

- analyze the relationship between market orientation and business performance.

- learn how to use supplier – customer relationship to enter a foreign market.

- understand the relationship between the strategic performance measurement and managerial performance in automative industry.

- see the role of government on entrepreneurship in establishing SMEs.

- analyze the leader’s behaviors in crisis times.

- understand the methods of optional strategies in fiscal administration during economic crisis.see the internal audit added  value between balanced scorecard and cast efficiency analysis.

- learn the market crash forecasting.

- learn designing a suitable model for stock price predictions by using stock market indicators.

- learn the impact of television advertisings on children.

- discuss how to respond to economic crisis with communication.

- see the managing product development in risky and crisis times with new solutions.


Conference Venue

Yeditepe University 26 August Campus

Yeditepe University Doğa Club















14 June 2010

Conference participants will have free access to

Emerald Management Xtra

for one month (July 1 - 31, 2010).