Management Application and Research Center

Our aim as Yeditepe University Management Application and Research Center (MARC); to create contemporary scientific literature by carrying out interdisciplinary applied studies and research in the fields related to management in the public and private sector, to develop solutions to the problems of public and private sector institutions and to develop business relations with universities and to create resources for the university.

The Center operates at the national and international level in the following areas of cooperation and coordination with relevant public and private sector institutions and organizations, natural and legal entities:

a) To carry out planning and implementation of management practice, research and development studies and post implementation monitoring activities,

b) To cooperate with sponsors, research institutions and other real and legal persons for these studies

c) To ensure that data and information collected in the knowledgebase is shared in order to provide financial resources for research,

d) To provide mutual or gratuitous consultancy services to public institutions and organizations, educational institutions, private companies, associations, foundations and similar institutions in need,

e) To organize courses, seminars, conferences and congresses, to provide participant certificates and publications related to their activities,

f) to ensure that the results and knowledge obtained from research or other activities are converted and published in scientific publications,

g) To ensure publication of books, magazines, brochures and similar publications which are partially or completely prepared by themselves or other researchers in the related issues,

h) To win projects from public institutions and organizations, private sector and other institutions in the related issues and to make the implementation of these projects mutually or anonymously,

i) To co-ordinate or assist in the implementation of research projects.


Prof. Dr. M. Atilla Öner Yeditepe University Sep 2016 -
Prof. Dr. Hakan ÜzeltürkYeditepe UniversitySep 2016 -
Prof. Dr. Esra KaradenizYeditepe UniversitySep 2016 -
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ece C. BabaYeditepe UniversitySep 2016 -
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Y. Can ErdemYeditepe UniversitySep 2016 -
Assist. Prof. Dr. Özlem AkkayaYeditepe UniversitySep 2016 -
Assist. Prof. Dr. Şule Badilli DemirbaşYeditepe UniversitySep 2016 -
Assist. Prof. Dr. Uğur KaplancalıYeditepe UniversitySep 2016 -
Assist. Prof. Dr. Zeynep OcakYeditepe UniversitySep 2016 -
Prof. Dr. M. Atilla Öner Director Sep 2016 -
Assoc. Prof. Dr. A. Gönül DemirelAsst. Director - ProgrammesSep 2016 -
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özlem KundayAsst. Director - FinanceSep 2016 -
Assist. Prof. Dr. Melih GörgünAsst. Director - Admin. AffairsSep 2016 -
Enver DodanlıAsst. Director - SME RelationsJun 2018 -
Başak KuruProgrammes AssistantFeb 2018 -
Dila SeyhanProgrammes AssistantMay 2018 -
Assist. Prof. Dr. Barış BaykanAsst. Director - Third Sector RelationsSep 2016 - Feb 2018
Nihan Güneş ÇağınProgrammes AssistantNov 2017 - Mar 2018
Prof. Dr. Şarman GençayEnergy Management
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Senem Göl BeşerResearch Roundtables
Assoc. Prof. Dr. A. Gönül DemirelResident Executive
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özlem KundayEntrepreneurship
Assist. Prof. Dr. Çağatay Akarçay Innovation in Accounting and Finance
Assist. Prof. Dr. Bahadır OlcayInnovation and Technology Management
Assist. Prof. Dr. Hande Tek Turan Local Governments
Dr. Emre S. Özmen - Samsung TR Yeditepe MBA Forum
Tolga Şimşek - Siemens TRIndustry 4.0
Enes Bayram - BA
Abdurrahman Çelik - BA
Mert Gülbay - MBA
Nilgün Güleç - BA
Doğuş Özaslan - BA
Meltem Pınar - BA
Damla Tarakçı - BA

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